The Mayor presents the development of the new program of Lab Alicante, the website and the Futura Territories to social, business and institutional agents.

Alicante, 14 March 2022. The Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, together with the Councillor for Development and Employment, Mari Carmen de España, presented the development of the Alicante Futura municipal digital strategy, its program and the new website to the main stakeholders of Alicante Futura, institutions, business groups, entities of the technological ecosystem of Alicante, professional associations and private companies. At the event, Barcala announced the celebration of the first Alicante Futura congress to be held on 4 and 5 October 2022 in the Auditorio de la Música de la Diputación de Alicante (ADDA) with national and international projection.

During the presentation, Luis Barcala highlighted “the importance of moving forward with a project where we can share ideas about the future of the city, with strategic public-private actors who are capable of turning Alicante into a space that attracts talent, investment and business opportunities associated with the field of technology, digital entrepreneurship and the new economy”.

In this sense, the Alicante Futura strategy was created with the aim of enriching and diversifying the productive model of the territory, as well as stimulating the emergence and arrival of technological projects and boosting the evolution of the traditional sectors that the city has. “This strategy has the potential to improve the future of citizens, companies and institutions, made up of initiatives, spaces, programs and keys that seek to pursue a series of specific and truly relevant objectives,” said the mayor.

International showcase

Barcala has announced the dates for the first annual Alicante Futura congress. The event will take place on 4 and 5 October at the ADDA. The annual celebration of this congress will allow to present the objectives achieved during the year by Alicante Futura, as well as to propose relevant activities and meetings in the field of innovation and digitisation. In addition, the event will position the city of Alicante as the Mediterranean Capital of the Technology Industry, entrepreneurship and the new urban economy, and will confirm the role of Alicante Futura as a vector of urban development, establishing itself as an international showcase for innovation trends. 

The mayor stated that “there is no doubt that the scope of a comprehensive strategy such as Alicante Futura requires the development of ambitious meetings and initiatives, capable of making it visible and highlighting its value both locally and nationally, and even internationally”. In this sense, he highlighted, among many others, the celebration in Alicante on 23 and 24 October of Mobile Week, which will turn the city into a reference point for new technologies and innovation. 

In addition, the annual program of LAB Alicante Futura, a meeting point for the exchange of ideas and the development of innovative projects in the field of digitisation and technology, has been presented. It will encourage contact and synergies between the various strategic actors in the areas covered by Alicante Futura. This program is made up of workshops, bootcamps, congresses, fairs and hackathons.

To promote innovation, technology and digitalisation, three specific programs have been defined that are committed to talent:

-Alicante Futura Emprende. A program that supports and accompanies new initiatives in the field of technology and digitalisation.
-Alicante Futura Keeptalent. Promotes young talent in the city, facilitating its retention and growth.
-Alicante Futura Kids. A program that seeks to encourage training in digitisation and new technologies in children. The program seeks to reinforce these skills in students, educators and families.

All these programs will be developed in a catalogue of spaces connected and distributed in a balanced way throughout all the districts of the city under the name of ‘Futura Territories’: Coworking Espacio Vaillo, Gimnasio de las Ideas, Ágora Futura, Príncipe Felipe Business Incubator and Launching Pad, Centro Emprendedores, Las Cigarreras, Lab Tossal Maker Space and Mercalicante. And they will be carried out in six strategic areas of activity organised into clusters and hubs capable of gathering and reflecting the potential and strengths of the city: Blue Economy Cluster, Biotechnology Cluster, Agri-Food Hub, Govtech Hub, Creative Industries & Innovation and Traditional Industries & Innovation Cluster.

With the aim of communicating and facilitating access to all the updated information related to the project, as well as its initiatives, programs and territories, a website has been designed to promote innovation and transmit the spirit of Alicante Futura. This new website promises to be the perfect space to inspire, collaborate, inform and involve citizens and companies and institutions in the business sector both nationally and internationally.