Alicante Futura presents a program that promotes technological entrepreneurship of Alicante start-ups

Alicante Futura presents a program that promotes technological entrepreneurship of Alicante start-ups

Alicante, July 6, 2022.- The Councilor for Development and Employment of the City Council of Alicante, Mari Carmen de España, and the trainer and mentor of the European accelerator of Climate KIC and CEO of the start-up VERAZIAL LABS, Emilio Gallego, have presented today at a press conference the Program of Accompaniment and Incubation of Entrepreneurship of the LAB Alicante Futura Emprende. The project seeks to encourage the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives from its creation to its materialization in a short period of time, with less investment and with the least possible risks. 

During the presentation, the structure and approach of the program aimed at all entrepreneurs of technological and innovative projects, which will be carried out in two cycles starting in the first half of July and the first half of September, respectively, was announced. During this time, the selected entrepreneurship projects will be provided with a complete mentoring program and will be instructed in basic business skills that will allow them to strengthen their communication and marketing skills, as well as to integrate into the emerging community of local entrepreneurship in our city, all carried out in each of the spaces that make up the Territorios Futura network.

“Through this program we help and guide entrepreneurs in the development of their idea to turn it into a profitable business model. All this with the commitment and objective of promoting, making visible and strengthening our talent made by Alicante,” says Councilwoman Mari Carmen de España. “The program not only promotes technological entrepreneurship of start-ups, but will enable its participants to be part of a broad community of entrepreneurs directly aligned with the technological, digital, economic and business scenario of Alicante” concludes the head of Alicante Futura.

To carry out the program, up to a maximum of six projects will be selected based on a series of requirements such as starting point, team experience, capacity, involvement of those responsible for the project for its progress and implementation of what has been learned. Each one will have its own planning that will be worked on in several phases:

Phase 1. Market definition and business model development.
Phase 2. Validation of the market by testing what was proposed in phase 1. 
Phase 3. Closing of the first real sale and access to investors. 

All these actions will be supervised and directed by three mentors with outstanding experience in the European Climate KIC accelerator, the European PARSEC program and the Valencian Community LAMP 3i program: Emilio Gallego trainer and mentor of the European Climate KIC accelerator and CEO of the start-up VERAZIAL LABS; Luis Esteban Domínguez, specialist in innovation and business development in technical areas such as materials technology, product development, urban sustainability and information technologies; and finally Israel Griode, mentor of start-ups in accelerators and programs such as IDEASUPV and EIT Climate KIC since 2014, Climate Impact Forecast, Santander Explorer and Telefónica Open Future.

During his speech, Emilio Gallego highlighted the importance of proper mentoring throughout the program to ensure a higher percentage of success. “The main objective of the start-ups is to turn the idea into a business in the shortest time and above all with the lowest possible investment and risks. Therefore, it is very important to know how to carry out the right mentoring to help them achieve their goals and increase their chances of success,” says Gallego.

Registrations for the first cycle of the LAB Alicante Futura Emprende Entrepreneurship Incubation and Support Program, which is free of charge for its participants, will be made through the Alicante Futura website until July 16, 2022, after which the final selection of participants in the program will be made.