You are currently viewing Alicante reinforces its strategy to attract investment and technology companies at ‘Greencities’.

Alicante reinforces its strategy to attract investment and technology companies at ‘Greencities’.

The Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, participated this Wednesday in the Greencities International Fair in Malaga, where he defended Alicante’s candidacy to host the future headquarters of the National Artificial Intelligence Agency. “Alicante has all the conditions to host the Artificial Intelligence Agency because of its strong commitment to the technology industry through the powerful ecosystem that make up the local strategy with Alicante Futura, in addition to the Cenid, Distrito Digital, the Science Park of the University of Alicante and technology companies that are already betting on our city”, Barcala stressed that “Alicante figures in all international rankings for the conditions it offers to live, telecommute, develop projects and grow personally and professionally,” according to municipal sources, through a statement.

With the help of Alicante Futura and Aguas, Alicante City Council is promoting its digital and urban transformation strategy these days in Malaga to attract investment, attract technology companies, explore new contacts and access the latest developments in a forum where the main companies, partners and service providers in Smart Cities, sustainable mobility and resource optimisation meet, according to the same sources.

Barcala presented the main actions and projects that Alicante is carrying out to promote its urban and environmental transformation and move towards a “friendlier, more modern, greener and more accessible city model in parallel with the development of a digital ecosystem that aims to turn the city into the Mediterranean capital of the technology industry and thus open up new strategic opportunities,” the statement added.

“The pedestrianisation of the traditional centre of our city, the development of our coastline along more than 21 kilometres of coastline, the consolidation of more parks and green areas, the implementation of the low emission zone, the commitment to sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and the optimisation of water resources are some of the projects that we have underway right now as part of our Alicante, Green Heart strategy,” Barcala explained.

Benchmark in water cycle management

Barcala also emphasised Alicante’s commitment to consolidating its position as a benchmark in the management of the water cycle together with Aguas de Alicante: “The public-private partnership between the City Council and Aguas de Alicante is undoubtedly a clear case of success and an example of the path we must follow. We want to add a new park in the northern part of our city to the success story of the La Marjal flood park, which is capable of retaining up to 45,000 m3 of water in the event of a heavy rainfall, and subsequently diverting the rainwater to the drainage network or to the treatment plant for reuse,” he explained.

“And through the Alicante Agua Circular project, with an investment of more than 100 million euros,” continued the mayor, “we are working on a series of actions to achieve the reuse of 100% of Alicante’s treated water and simultaneously achieve zero discharge into coastal waters. “In short,” concluded Barcala, “the urban and environmental transformation that we are carrying out requires action on many different fronts. And it is a challenge to which Alicante is firmly committed”, he concluded.

Source: Alicante Plaza