You are currently viewing Java Fullstack Programming Course ( Online Presence – Alicante) [3rd Edition]

Java Fullstack Programming Course ( Online Presence – Alicante) [3rd Edition]

The city of Alicante is experiencing a boom in the implementation of technology companies that need qualified professionals in programming. In particular, the network of companies that is being promoted within the framework of the Alicante Futura initiative is boosting this sector in a decisive way.

We offer you the opportunity to become an expert in the programming area with the “Java FullStack” course. In this program you will have a complete vision of the development of an App, Web or Service. You will be able to complete an exhaustive training in Java FrontEnd, with the configuration of Java BackEnd. In this way you will have the complete vision of the development process, as well as the necessary tools to carry it out (version control, automations, etc). A training program oriented to young people who have some programming basics that will allow them to take advantage of this course.  

This program is completely free and is developed thanks to the collaboration of the Local Development Agency of the City of Alicante and EOI School of Industrial Organization. This program is free thanks to funding from the European Social Fund under the Youth Employment Project – POEJ. This initiative is part of “Alicante Futura”.



ADDRESSED TO: Young people between 16 and under 30 years of age, unemployed and beneficiaries of the Youth Guarantee System.

They will be young unemployed people who are highly motivated and committed to the program: people who are eager to take charge of their professional careers. In addition, meeting the above requirements, they have the desire to improve their skills and abilities to join the labor market as employees.

Preferably from Alicante in the Valencian Community.

SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday with afternoon hours.

DURATION: 282 teaching hours + 3 hours of individualized tutoring per student.

PRICE: Free of charge. Subsidized by the European Social Fund, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Local Development Agency of the City of Alicante.

PERIOD: September to December

DATE: September 2022

PROVINCE: Alicante/Alacant