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Open Source Jam – An event to contribute to Open Source development

On the 8th and 9th of October, the Open Source Jam will take place in Alicante for the first time. A programming event organised by Interacso to encourage collaboration on free software projects. On this occasion, attendees will work on React libraries, a technology that is present in the platforms we use every day such as Facebook, Instagram or Airbnb. 

You don’t need to know React, nor do you need to have ever made open source contributions. The Jam is open to people who have collaborated in open source projects and is an opportunity for those who wish to enter this world. 

There will be a prize of 1200 euros, as a way to reward the work that is done for free by the development community and that builds the code that helps us every day, a determining factor in the explosion of digital companies in recent years. Although it is true that many large companies such as Microsoft or Facebook already allocate huge amounts of resources to the development of free software, there are still many people who collaborate independently and selflessly.

Registration is open:

Individuals and teams until 6 October

*Limited capacity. 

If you are a developer with knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript you can sign up on the event website