The Futura territories Network was created to dynamize the culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Alicante. To attract and provide our technological and digital talent with the tools, knowledge, support and advice from trainers and specialized professionals.

The network already has seven connected spaces distributed throughout the different districts of the city.



(Former Tobacco Factory)

A space included in the Edusi strategy where the work of professionals in the field of the creative economy, who are the foundation of Alicante’s cultural identity, is valued and which was created to be the headquarters of the Creative Industries and Innovation Cluster linked to Alicante Futura.

Address: C. San Carlos, 78, 03013 Alicante

Schedule: Closed – Opening: 10:00 (Tue)

Telephone: 965 20 66 74


A specialised business training centre whose objective is to train and provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to plan their business initiative in the best conditions of viability. It also has the capacity to provide personalised advice aimed at facilitating the start-up of the activities to be developed, especially oriented towards the preparation of the Business Plan, the search for financing and access to subsidies, all within the framework of a process of technical accompaniment and specialised training that supports the entrepreneur during the implementation and consolidation of their business initiative.

Street CID 

Vivero y Lanzadera de Empresas Príncipe Felipe

Proposed as the headquarters of the Bio-technological Industries Cluster, this space will be the site of a forthcoming municipal intervention that will extend its facilities with 10 new warehouses. The investment for this extension is €2,254,790. Once the project is completed, the facility will have a total of 22 warehouses, mainly for the biotechnological industry.

Address: Avenida de Elche 03013 Alicante

Schedule: Closed – Opening: 10:00 (Tue)

Telephone: 965 20 66 74


An ambitious project in which €9,529,977 will be invested, and in which a multi-purpose and functional space will be created to generate an important pole of attraction for innovation and research. Here, companies with a high technological impact will be able to find their space and have within their reach a set of advantages and services with high added value for their growth and connections with the ecosystem. This Ágora was created with the vocation of offering the necessary instruments and tools to facilitate the growth of technology-intensive companies, in order to promote and strengthen the ecosystem and the digital and innovative economic fabric, with the aim of fostering technology and knowledge transfer that achieves results and offers added value to companies and society.


The main headquarters of LAB Alicante Futura and an authentic Makerspace; a creative space where professionals and groups of creators can come together to align visions and efforts, sharing and exploiting a variety of tools, materials, resources and knowledge to build and create their own projects.

Address: Rotonda de la calle Escultor Bañuls s/n. , 

03013 Alicante

Phone: 965 20 66 74


Framed in the context of a new territorial and urban strategy for the city of Alicante, integrated in the EDUSI strategy. This space was created to host and promote specialised training in the Cultural and Creative Industries, which are of fundamental importance in the economic, urban and social development of Alicante and in the Alicante Futura strategy itself.

Street Sargento Vaillo, 28. Bottom right


(Former Fire Station)

A public-private project developed in collaboration with the mixed company Aguas de Alicante, this space is the headquarters of the Blue Economy Cluster, and advocates a working system that is viable and efficient, capable of using responsibly all those resources close to our environment, developing a different way of perceiving business, sustainable entrepreneurship and innovations.


A collaborative space with an investment of 350,000 euros, designed as the headquarters of the Agri-Food Hub and developed in direct collaboration with Mercalicante. The aim is to provide a unique environment for improving the competitiveness of agri-food companies, providing an unbeatable location to favour the development of logistics and distribution operations.