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Germán Agulló, the youngest entrepreneur in Spain to have a €1M turnover with startup GDV MOBILITY

At just 21 years of age, the young Germán Agulló, distinguished by Forbes, has become the youngest entrepreneur to have a profitable turnover of 1 million euros with his leading digital platform for the distribution of spare parts in the personal mobility sector (VMP), GDV MOBILITY, of which he is CEO and co-founder. The startup has had a profitable growth of 667%, with positive EBITDA, so far this year.

After a successful first year of life, with a 667% growth and positive EBITDA, the platform specialised in sustainable mobility, GDV MOBILITY reaches a profitable turnover of 1 million euros, making its CEO and co-founder, Germán Agulló, the youngest entrepreneur to reach this figure at the age of 21. 

Always involved in the distribution sector and specialising in sustainable mobility, at the age of 19, Agulló managed to create his first company, with which he began to think about the distribution company of the future. The percentage of emissions currently attributed to transport, according to the European Environment Agency, translates into more than 70% of total CO2 emissions and other gases that contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect, accelerating climate change. So another way of getting around is needed, which, in turn, must go hand in hand with digitalisation.

The future of sustainable mobility is GDV MOBILITY, founded by Germán Agulló, Héctor Arana and Óscar Bárcenas, which revolutionises the sector with its innovative business model, becoming one of the benchmark companies at industrial level, with its future business lines related to the manufacture of products and services made in Spain. It is also becoming a benchmark company in distribution, both technologically and logistically, to achieve a new concept of distribution. “We already have the next national production line to be presented on October 5th at the International Congress Alicante Futura, which will become one of the largest factories in Europe of a specific and essential spare part for electric vehicles, starting to operate in November. And with a new distribution software, which will already be on the market during the last quarter of the year”, Agulló assures.

The company brings innovations to the sustainable mobility ecosystem that allow for the streamlining of services, so that workshops place orders by voice or photograph, the necessary stock is detected and automatic orders are placed. In this way, the platform will become the first in its sector to deliver material within 4 hours to any point in Europe. 

GDV MOBILITY closes the year with numerous remarkable milestones for the brand that have led to an unstoppable increase in figures. An increase of 667% led by its internal growth and driven by the appearance of its CEO and co-founder, Germán Agulló, in the Forbes “30 under 30” section, in recognition of the young and promising national talent.

During this period, the company has increased its customer base to 15,000 workshops indirectly, has reached 800 distributors and has increased its stock by 5 times. It currently has a dual capacity of 509 cubic metres, which translates into some 298 pallets. Thus, they are looking to increase the workforce over the next year by 6 and multiply the stock by 10. Its plan is to become a benchmark company in the sustainable mobility sector in Europe, born in the city of Alicante by 2025.


It is the leading digital platform for the distribution of spare parts in the personal mobility sector (VMP) and sustainable mobility. The company currently manages, through its software, more than 800 clients that distribute its products to more than 15,000 shops throughout Spain. 

GDV MOBILITY seeks to improve and lay the foundations for the future in the mobility sector, providing quality parts at a good price to both wholesalers and bicycle and electric scooter shops so that the end result of the product, the scooter that the user buys, is of the highest possible quality. 

They strive to work with parts that result in quality products that meet standards until there is a firm homologation of the scooter components, in order to offer the maximum possible safety to the users. 

They also believe in the repair of parts. Until recently, when a part of the final product broke down, the scooter was thrown away and the user had to buy another one. Now these parts are repaired, increasing the life of the scooter. This contributes to an improvement in the sustainability of the use of this means of transport. 

GDV MOBILITY arose from the need for a supplier that worked with quality components in a sector where the only thing that was taken into account was price.