María del Carmen de España, city councilwoman of Employment and Promotion of the Alicante local goverment host in her office to the startup Leyendas Sport

Today was held a meeting between Ms. Maria del Carmen de España, city councilwoman of Employment and Promotion of the Alicante local govermentn, highest responsable of Alicante Futura, Pablo Chillón, councilwoman advisory and the founder and CEO of the startup Leyendas Sport, Raúl Martínez Ramírez, a company that recently participated in the 2nd edition of the accompaniment and acceleration programme from Lab Alicante Futura Emprende.

Leyenda Sport, of Raúl Martínez Ramírez, develops tools for the digitalization of the sales process and football tournament organization during no competition periods, such as summer, Christmas and Holy Week, in order to drive the sport and health in all ages, addressing both children and veterans and seniors, federated or non-federated.

During the meeting they have adressed mutual interest themes, such as make avaliable for the startup the local spaces called Territorios Futura, destined to support their activities and revitalize the entrepreneur culture and soul in Alicante, and that are scattered throughout the city to facilitate access for all citizens.

In addition, they highlighted the necesity to drive the accompaniment and acceleration programmesof undertaking, as they have confirmed reciently, as the best way to evolve proyects, through the advices of expert professors that provide the entrepreneurs tools and knowledge that allow them confront usual challenges in a professional way.

“From the Alicante City Council and the Local Development Agency we are convinced that a potential innovative ecosystem exists in our city and we believe that it is the task of the Administration to promote technological and digital entrepreneurship, facilitating both training and spaces where the development of local talent”, highlights the Councilor for Employment and Development, María del Carmen from Spain.

This meeting is part of the activities to promote the local ecosystem of technological and digital entrepreneurship developed by Alicante Futura, one of the lines of work that will allow the city of Alicante to become the Mediterranean capital of the technological industry, digital entrepreneurship and new urban economy.

Without doubt, a productive meeting for both Behauss and Alicante Futura

have intervened:

* Ms. Mª del Carmen de España, city councilwoman of Employment and Promotion of the Alicante local goverment.

* Mr. Pablo Sánchez Chillón, councilwoman advisory.

* Mr. Aníbal Jaimovitch López, Cofounder and CEO of Behauss.

* Mr. Pablo Sogorb, Cofounder of Behauss.

* Mr. Juan T. Tomás, Coordinator of Alicante Futura.

Something is happening in Alicante.