Orizon believes that Alicante can be an international benchmark for technological performance knowledge and is preparing an ambitious talent development plan.

Today was held the Orizon press breakfast with the participation of the rector of the University of Alicante (UA), Amparo Navarro, and the Councillor for Employment and Development of the City of Alicante, Mari Carmen de España.

The company, which grew 108% in 2021, expects to reach 30 million by 2024

Alicante, June 28, 2022 – The technology company Orizon has chosen Alicante to expand the capacity of its technology center and provide services based on its own technology, which is currently unique in the market, to large companies around the world. To this end, the company plans to invest around 5 million euros between now and 2024, and to create at least 50 jobs for highly qualified professionals in the IT sector in the same period.

Orizon will offer services with its own methodology and technology (BOA)[1], to which the company allocates an annual R&D investment of 20% of its turnover, totaling, to date, 4 million euros. In addition, Orizon will also enhance the capacity of its center to act as a platform for the evolution of this technology, which, broadly speaking, ensures the optimum performance of the technological infrastructures and applications of large companies, and on which it has created the first international standard in this discipline. By way of example, this technology has supported the technological side of the major bank merger processes that have recently taken place in our country.

Orizon experienced business growth of 108% in 2021 and expects to reach 30 million by 2024. The company estimates that the market in which it operates will grow at a year-on-year rate of 20% between now and 2026, by which time performance technology will be worth more than $45 billion on a global scale.

Developing talent in Alicante

The characteristics of Alicante have stimulated the establishment of large companies, both technological and consulting, which, although it has created jobs in the IT environment, have been only for the development or provision of routine services. However, Orizon’s goal is to provide the city with innovative and high-value services. According to Ángel Pineda, CEO of Orizon, “we are going to develop specialized talent and turn Alicante into an international benchmark by creating a group of experts on performance, as we conceive it, which is a unique concept in the world”.

In this same sense and according to Mari Carmen de España, Councillor for Employment and Development of the City of Alicante, “one of the keys to the success of the project of technological capital of Alicante is to have companies with innovative capacity and transformative vocation as Orizon, committed to the future of our territory. From Alicante Futura we will always support projects of excellence such as the one proposed by Orizon, with greater reason and satisfaction when it comes to global entrepreneurship initiatives born in our city”.

“We are committed,” adds De España, “to coordinating the efforts of institutions and productive sectors to attract and retain talent and capital to Alicante, and projects like the one that brings us together today are an example of the level of preparation of our city to welcome and accompany the best business initiatives in the technological and digital field.” “We will continue to support business initiatives with high added value that combine sustainability, innovative vision and technology with that ‘Made by Alicante’ that is at the base of the municipal strategic initiative Alicante Futura, and we can only congratulate ourselves on the milestones and objectives proposed by Orizon and place ourselves at its disposal to support it on this journey towards growth, local quality employment and technological leadership in its sector.”

Orizon, in addition to cutting-edge social benefits and a wage rate 15% higher than the industry average, will add to its annual recurring investment in R&D, 5% for the training and professional development of its work team. According to Pineda, “we want to be competitive, like any other company in this sector, but not, as is the case now, by offering services at a lower cost, but by having the best talent. We value creativity and innovation,” adds Pineda, “as these are the factors that have enabled us to become a growing organization with an important national and international growth plan.

Strengthen collaboration with the University

Within this strategy, Orizon wants to strengthen its relationship with the University of Alicante (UA), which dates back to 2017 with the delivery of training talks to students of Computer Engineering. In 2018 it signed an agreement for professional internships and in 2019, coinciding with its link to the Alicante Science Park, it established a framework collaboration agreement, within which it participates in courses and seminars, as well as contributing to research projects in the new technologies environment.

According to Amparo Navarro, UA rector and president of the Alicante Science Park Foundation, “our relationship with Orizon is excellent and open to new innovative formulas for collaboration. Technology is a complex and tremendously dynamic environment,” adds Navarro, “so we must seek new standards and training spaces for new generations and I sincerely believe that the proposal being built by Orizon is very attractive and cutting-edge in the market, and I’m not just talking about the national market.

About Orizon

Orizon offers technology performance solutions that bring value to IBEX35 companies and large companies that are leaders in their sectors, identifying and solving software problems to ensure maximum levels of availability, performance and efficiency. The impact of economic savings and increased application speed is relevant to the organizations with which Orizon works, becoming a key ally of the management team. A pioneer in the use of Artificial Intelligence applied to business improvement in IT production environments (AIOps), Orizon monitors, detects and resolves inefficiencies in 100% of the technological elements. Its R&D and technology, unique in the market, is recognized by Spanish official institutions and by the European Commission.

[1] Orizon’s technology and methodology have been developed in our country and allow uninterrupted monitoring of the operation of technological infrastructures in a dynamic way -both in the development of new software and in operation-, in order to detect/eliminate problems and optimize continuously. Its implementation reduces system response times by up to 25% and total infrastructure costs by 40%.