The acctions of dynamization of the Cluster of the Blue Economy of Alicante keeps going.

A working breakfast was held today as one of the acctions of dynamization of the Cluster of the Blue Economy of Alicante Futura, in which c, Manager of the Maritime Cluster of Canarias, which is probably the most important Spanish Cluster dedicated to the development and promotion of the Blue economy.

The breakfast was attended by Ms. Mª del Carmen de España, city councilwoman of Employment and Promotion of the Alicante local goverment, who underlighted the importance for the city, an open city, a cost and mediterranean city, the fenomenum of the Blue Economy, being very necessary to know the experience Clusters can give us whose functioning has already been consolidated for years.

During the exposition of our canary guest, the atendees could learn and know at first hand, the followed steps during the Cluster constitution, its legal form, the necessity to connect with the society, the encouragement from the Cluster of the coordination between the private productive sector, the educative sector,both university and, above all, professional training, and the public sector.

Something to stand out way is its clear commitment to associationism, adding the Cluster as a partner not only to business related to the naval sector, but financial and insurance companies and, even, companies whitch are not located in Canary Islands too, as well as technological companies.

It also has highlighted the clearly aligment between the strategy develped by the Cluster focused in the encouragement of the Blue Economy, where the promotion of the education and technological innovation keeps a notorious rol, and the strategy developed by the Autonomic Administration, whitch consideres Blue Economy a specially strategic relevant sector for the Canary Islands economy, with the financial implications that this entails.

The breakfast was attended too by Fernando de Rojas and José Miguel Giner, professors in UMH and UA, as Blue Economy Professorship (Blava Professoreship) representatives, who have undoubtedly taken note of the interesting comments and expereinces transmited by Ms. Elba Bueno Cabrera. It also assisted representatives of AlicanTec and others actors of our entrepeneur and innovator ecosystem. We expressed our gratitude to the host Javier Martínez Torondel, reprsentative of Softtek in Alicante, his kind welcome in the incomparable setting offered by his facilities, couldn’t been developed this working breackfast related with the Blue Economy in a better place than the edge of our Mare Nostrum.

Without dought, something is happening in Alicante.